Grab Hire FAQ’s

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If you’re in need of any of our grab hire services, we know you’ll have a few questions – check out our FAQs below and hopefully we can help!

What waste do you take?

At North West Grab Hire, we’ll try our best to clear everything for you. Our grab hire services collect waste including; concrete, rubble, soil, subsoil and clay. However, we do not collect any hazardous substances using any of our services.

Will it fit? How much waste can you take?

If you’re wondering how much waste we can clear at once, that all depends on the size of the vehicle you choose. At North West Grab Hire, we have two grab hire vehicles sizes; 6-wheeler and 8-wheeler.



Our 6-wheeler truck has a load capacity of 10m2, which is equivalent to 13.5 tonnes of waste, meaning you can clear large areas quickly and efficiently. For even bigger jobs, our 8-wheeler grab hire truck can move 18 tonnes of waste in one load. If you’re worrying about whether our trucks will fit on your street, take a look at this table to check the dimensions of each vehicle to see which is the perfect fit for you.

6-wheeler-truckHow much will it cost?

The cost of our grab hire services at North West Grab Hire fluctuates from job to job; costs can differ due to everything from the size of the truck you require to what type of waste you need collecting. For example, it will cost more to hire our 8-wheeler grab hire truck as opposed to the 6-wheeler truck. The type of waste you have can also affect prices, ie: the removal of clean aggregate will slightly differ to the collection of general inert waste.

How far can the crane reach?

The cranes on our grab hire trucks have a reach of approximately 5.5 – 6 metres, making your removal jobs easier to complete quickly and seamlessly.

Can the vehicles grab over a wall or fence?

As the reach of each truck’s crane can extend to around six metres, as long as our drivers believe the job is manageable and can be completed without damage or disruption, we can grab waste over fences and walls. At North West Grab Hire, we will do everything we can to get each job done as quickly, professionally and efficiently as possible.

How long will it take?

At North West Grab Hire, we aim to get each job completed as quickly as possible, causing minimal disruption to your day. Depending on the size of the load, our vehicles are expected to be on site no longer than 30 minutes, getting the job finished quickly and seamlessly.

Where should we leave the waste to be collected?

In order to be collected, the waste needs to be piled up accessibly within easy reach of the roadside – under no circumstances can our drivers mount any public pathways, so make sure the waste can be easily reached. As the drive needs to pull up alongside the waste, make sure there are no low hanging tree branches or cables to disrupt the job. At North West Grab Hire, we aim to be as helpful and quick as possible collecting your waste, by ensuring it is easily accessible and neatly piled up by the road side allows us to collect your waste as seamlessly as possible.